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Mar 01, 2024


🤔 What are you selling?

Some people present themselves as a photographer or videographer so they get paid to push a button. Others present themselves as someone who can help a business grow so they get paid accordingly.

Let’s talk about your offer.

We need to set our own perceptions aside and focus on the client’s perceptions.

When they hear freelance videographer, they picture someone who holds a camera, maybe sets some lights up, and presses record. I’m not saying this is true, I’m just saying this is what the client perceives.

Now if you call yourself a production house, a studio, or an agency, their perception shifts.

A studio takes care of ideation, shooting, and editing… they communicate with the client, share ideas, and make sure the client’s problems are met. This is what a client perceives.

So who do you think the client will be willing to pay more? Someone who calls themselves a freelancer or someone who calls themselves a production studio?

We need to market ourselves as the latter if we want to charge premium prices.


🔎 How do leads find out about you?

We’ve got a premium offer we can sell our clients. Cool. Small problem though.

No one knows you exist.

We need to make ourselves known.

Awareness, marketing, advertising… these are all terms for this.

Without any awareness that you exist, you simply won’t get clients.

Creating a beautiful website with an incredible portfolio is simply not enough. We need to get that portfolio in front of people.

So how do we do this?

4 ways:

We run paid ads (expensive if you’re starting out)

We reach out to people we know (good but the list is small)

We post content online (great but it takes a long time to get results)

We reach out to strangers (best option)

Start by reaching out to people while posting content online in the background.

This way, we can control who sees our portfolio while, at the same time, building up our brand in the background.

What does this look like in the real world?

  • Messaging your followers (people you know)
  • Finding leads online to message via email or social (people you don’t know)
  • Posting content online (Instagram or LinkedIn is best)


🤑 Convert: How do you get paying customers?

This is the hardest part of the process. Getting someone to hand over their hard-earned cash for your service.

Why should they pay you? Why not find someone cheaper? What solution do you offer?

These are questions you need to answer. It may sound hare because it is at first. But it doesn’t have to be. I can talk about sales all day long (in fact, I do inside Creative Biz Launch), but today, I’ll give you three prompts to get you started.

On a sales call the goal will be to do three things.

  1. Find problems. What problems does the client have?
  2. Stretch the gap. You know their problem. Now figure out where they want to be. Stretch the gap between where they are now and where they could be (dream outcome).
  3. Position yourself as the solution. Tie their problems to your service as the solution. Ask for the sale. Close the deal.

This is extremely simplified but if you take a typical sales call, you’ll see this is the process most will follow.

If you want full sales scripts and my entire sales training for photographers & videographers, reply back to this email and we can see if you’re a fit for my full program for creative entrepreneurs.

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