Balancing A Dream And A Day Job | 118

Jan 26, 2024

This month I’ve been appearing as a podcast guest every week on someone’s show. This has led to me spending a lot of time thinking about my story.

Where did I start?

What are all the challenges and obstacles I had to overcome to get here?

How did I go from a math and science nerd to a creative business owner?

Thinking back to those early days grinding away at my photography business, I’ve rediscovered a lot of insights I think you’d find valuable.


Balancing a dream and a day job

Juggling a 9-5 job while building a photography business is a challenge I faced head-on.

Those early mornings, lunchtime hustles, and post-work sessions can be exhausting, but they were the building blocks of my future success.

It’s funny. Waking up at 5 am wasn’t the worst part of my morning. I was actually excited to build my business. The part I dreaded was stopping at 7 am and going to work.

But sheer waking up early day after day and working long hours started to get to me. This was a tough period of my life.

There was one quote that I heard that kept me going.

"The pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change."

All change requires some level of discomfort. That’s why most people don’t change. Most people live the same comfortable lives day after day and look back 40 years and are filled with regret.

I know I didn’t want that. I could suffer for a few years and make it out on my own. Do it my way.

This belief was my north star, aligning me with my goals during the most challenging times.


Persistence: The core of entrepreneurship

Reflecting on my earlier days, one thing stands out. An unwavering persistence is required to make it in this industry.

It's about showing up daily, even when results aren’t there.

To my younger self and all the new entrepreneurs out there, know this – your efforts are not wasted.

The countless emails, the proposals, the pitches – they all count.

Real winning is in proving to yourself that you gave it everything.

The results come as long as you don’t quit. You cannot lose if you do not quit.

Build that momentum and consistency. These are important, and they come naturally when you've mastered the art of showing up and balancing your commitments.

Your journey as a creative entrepreneur will be filled with challenges, but the rewards are massive. Embrace the grind, find your balance, and remember – every step forward, no matter how small, is a step toward your dreams.

As long as you’re pursuing your dreams, you’re winning. You’re doing what you love. Even if you have no results to show just yet, you’re still doing what you love.


Keep showing up. Keep putting in the work. And Do. Not. Quit.

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