How Doing Less Makes You More Money | #37

Mar 15, 2023

How Doing Less Makes You More Money

The less you offer, the more you make. Don't offer headshots, product photos, videos, animation, graphic design, and prints. Pick 1 or 2 

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

There are a lot of good creatives out there. Your job is to be better than them. The better you get, the easier it is to get clients and the more efficiently you work. The fastest way to get better is to practice a specific skill over and over again.

Let’s say you want to become a better product photographer. It’s obvious, but you should practice product photography over and over.

When you offer many different services, you’ll distract yourself from the skill you’re trying to hone. How are you going to get better at product photography when you’re also doing headshots for friends and selling prints on IG?

Focus on what matters, cut out what doesn’t.


Simple Scales, Fancy Fails

I stole this saying from Alex Hormozi. The simpler you can make your service offering, the easier it is to scale your business.

It’s way easier to train a team to complete one task than it is to complete 6 different tasks. It’s easier to hire a good product photographer than it is to hire a good product photographer, videographer, and graphic designer all in one.

When you have a simple offering, it’s easy for clients to see what they’re getting. You can target leads that are looking for this specific thing.


You’ll Attract More Customers And Serve Them Better

When a client goes to your website, it has to instantly tell them what you do.

By having 7 different services, they’ll get confused and click away. If you have one offering, you can make that clear and straightforward.

Since you now only offer 1 service, and you’re really good at it, you’ll be able to serve your clients better. And isn’t that the goal? Provide the best service possible to your clients? That’s why you got into this game.

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