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Jan 12, 2024

Hey there! Chris Pieta here, back with another dose of practical advice for all you creative pros out there.

Today, we're tackling the number 1 question I get asked: How do you get more clients as a photographer or videographer?

There are three things directly tied to how many clients you'll land. Let's get a daily routine in place that emphasizes the three things that move the needle forward.

Arguably, it's just as important to avoid things that don't serve you. Start saying no to the things that don't matter.

Alright, let's dive in.


It's All About Action

Let's face it – clients aren't just going to find you magically. It's up to you to grab their attention. I've got you covered with a straightforward plan.


1. Get Noticed

Start your day right. Dedicate the first 2-4 hours of each day to activities that will directly help you get more clients and increase your revenue. Trust me, this focused approach can really ramp up your business.

First things first, let people know what you do.

And I'm not talking about just posting your latest work online. You need to actively reach out to your potential clients. Show them what you offer and why they need your services. This is about getting your service in front of the right eyes.


2. Turn Interest Into Sales

Got people interested in your work? Great! Now, it's time to turn that interest into actual sales.

When someone shows a hint of interest in what you do, jump on that opportunity.

Talk to them, understand their needs, and show them how you can meet those needs. It's all about turning a 'maybe' into a 'yes'.


3. Keep Improving

And here's a bonus tip - always look for ways to improve your service or package. What are you currently offering? Is it what clients actually want? The more sales calls you do, the better you'll understand client needs. As your understanding of your market grows, improve your offer to match that.

A big mistake I made early on was assuming I knew what the client actually wanted. I only learned this through taking on hundreds of sales calls and asking the important questions.

Keep improving your offer.


The 3-Month Challenge:

Here's a challenge for you: Commit to these steps for the next 3 months. 2-4 hours every single day. Simple process, but not easy.

Remember, getting clients isn't just about being a great photographer or videographer; it's about being proactive, getting out there, and making sure people know about the amazing services you offer.

I've given you all the info you need. If you want the exact implementation of this, I actually give you the step-by-step blueprint in my complete creative business system. Get it here.

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